Trion Worlds Reveals New Zone Details for ArcheAge

Michael Byrne
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There's another ArcheAge update just around the corner so Trion Worlds is starting to release some of the details players can expect to see in game. First up is a bit of a peek at two new zones that will be added to the free to play MMORPG in the upcoming Dread Prophecies update.

For you PvE players, the Golden Ruins zone is where it's at. This zone features a new quest line, new daily quests, and new high level creatures that can be used to help finish off your leveling. Crafting components for the Obsidian Weapons quests are also available in Golden Ruins. This zone will feature a medium sized housing area as well. Golden Ruins can be found just west of Diamond Shores.

Mistmerrow is the new zone for those of a mind to take on some of ArcheAge's PvP. Just north of Sungold Fields, Mistmerrow becomes a war zone at certain times with alliances competing to take over various points on the map and hold them for as long as possible to rack up the points. Warrior Medals are there for the taking for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place alliances.

Check out the full reveal on the game's website and check out Trion Worlds' Friday streams for more information as Dread Prophecies nears launch.

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crap 9 years ago

Геймер 9 years ago
more hate/ more agro /
archage - R.I.P 2014

Levi 9 years ago
Well good luck to the ones who want to spend the money and have a good month thank you trion for taking my money I sure didn't need it. "Your friends will quit before you, and if you made friends within the game, then you will quit at the same time." It's not a bad experience just not a good one at some points you will notice your friends yelling at each other and other's, then begin to think on where your guild is headed if you aren't lucky enough to get into the top guild for the time I invested into the game and how long ago since I stopped playing I can't tell if it has gotten better or not. Feeling Lucky? Test your luck!

Ykarun 9 years ago
Archeage = p2w game .....ty to Trion , bots and bots and low population ! No ty Trion , dont even start anything just put your head in a whole ! Ty for ruining the game .....Dont even wanna see this shit game or shit Trion !

bAGG 9 years ago
Shit game ! No ty like never ever ever ever ever ! Bad game and comunity ! FU Trion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

666 9 years ago
Bugged boring shit for peasants, repetetive dailies and quests with subscription,for cheaters and bots paradise.

swiffty 9 years ago
to little to late to bad they messed the game up with PTP

hawkfun 9 years ago
Shit ass game

hovsep56 9 years ago
be prepared for the bots running to the housing places. i swear on my virginity that this launch will be a disaster as all other launches they did.

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