Trion Worlds’ voxel builder Trove is making the leap from PCs to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year! The game, which officially launched just over one year ago, will also celebrate its anniversary with in-game promotions, parties, and prizes for its players.

To commemorate this landmark — no, not Landmark, don’t get your building games mixed up — achievement, Trion has also released an infographic detailing some of Trove’s most notable numbers. Our take? Dopesheet needs to work on his skilz.

Trove Infographic

You can learn more about the PS4 and Xbox One transition, as well as the one-year anniversary events for Trove on the game’s website.

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    • Not quite. I’d say it is even better. Just because a game is based in voxels doesn’t mean it is a minecraft remake. However, Trion is capable of ruining it.. Of course there aren’t as many thing as in minecraft but it has some nice features and I find it way more appealing than minecraft..

      • I guess your right about trion being capable of ruining it. They usually ruin their games anyway. But this still looks like a minecraft remake even though it isn’t. I never played it since I don’t like trions games so I wouldn’t know.


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