Despite the cancellation of its progenitor TV show, Defiance defiantly chugs along on PC, as well as on the last generation of consoles: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. That’s not good enough for Trion Worlds, however, who wants to bring the game to a wider audience via Sony’s newest console.

In an interview with DualShockers, Trion Worlds showed off its tech demo of Defiance working on a PlayStation 4, with improved graphics over its PS3 version. If it does come to PS4 in the near-ish future, it will still be free-to-play but won’t be exactly the same game. According to the interview, Trion “plans to make changes” after getting some feedback from the community.

Elsewhere in the interview, Producer Matthew Pettit says that the company thought “didn’t go the sequel route because we think we already have a good core game,” comparing it to Destiny and its maybe-too-soon sequel, which seems to be repeating some of the first game’s mistakes.

The article also drops a bit of information you never hear from game companies, saying that Defiance has “120k monthly active users across all platforms.” That’s not a bad figure, and should be enough to keep the game going for a good while — especially if it gets a boost on a new platform.

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  1. game hasn’t progress much since the tv series got canned. Not much else you can really do with this title expect start going out to other ports and after that is drained dry move on to something else and close that title down.. Really wish publishers would just stick to something and make it better and add more story to it, but instead they just would rather milk it dry with what they already got. Everything new that has came out so far has had a price tag stuck too it including new content which made me give up on trion for good.

  2. Players has been screaming about this for years now. I don’t know why it hasn’t happened yet. Having it on new consoles would definitely help the game a lot. It really needs upgrades


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