Trove‘s server adjustments might be taken care of, but that doesn’t mean gamigo is in any way done with the game — just in case any of you players might have worried that’s the case. In fact, currently, the company is running the game’s next update — titled “Into the Deep — through its paces on the PTS.

Among the things currently being tested on the PTS are new world bosses chilling in the Geode Topside. These Leviathans usually hang out underneath the world’s surface, but apparently decided a visit to the upper regions is in order. There are three of these Leviathans that will spawn. Players will need to hurry when one pops up because if they haven’t downed it within 15 minutes, it’ll be gone for a while. As an incentive to hunt them, gamigo is rewarding the eight players with the most kills on any given day with Ego Potions. There are other, more practical, rewards as well.

The update also make changes to not only Club Adventures, but also Geodian Outpost Adventures, and Trovian Outpost Adventures. That said, the most changes are made to Club Adventures and include an increase in the Daily Experience Cap — with all clubs being able to earn 100,000 XP no matter their size and a reduction in the reward cap to 20.

Players can help test the update on the PTS now. And, if you’re interested in reading the full set of patch notes, they can be found on the Trove forums.

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