LT1 Games has announced that there will be update with a large-scale war system for Troy online on Oct 15th 2011.

By introducing this large-scale war system users will be able to enjoy a new type of war, the Invasion War, which allows users to invade the opponent’s capital city. It is obviously a different concept from the existing wars such as the Level Wars and the Temple War.

Troy online has been updating their battlefields and war systems continuously since launching service. However this upcoming update is the largest update yet, therefore Troy online users will be able to enjoy a brutal MMORPG with this update.

This large-scale war system allows all users to join the war at the same time through the I.O.D (Island of dispute), and the users can attack the opponent’s capital city to destroy the holy relics. Dependent on the results of the war, the winning faction will receive buffs for increasing EXP and better item drop rates.

Users are able to get more details regarding this large-scale battle system through the Troy online Homepage.


  1. Bloodmyth, long time u r not playing… Gms now online at least once a day speaking with players. The pvp is rox if u equiped good as i am. Epics, etc…

  2. This could have been a good game, but there’s absolutely no communication from the devs, no GM’s in game and many things that are usually taken as standard are missing, like terrible chat options with no ignore or linking etc, you can’t change the key settings, you can’t jump infact you can’t even walk over the smallest pebble or tiny drop!

    Such a shame!


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