A new voxel-style sandbox MMO is on its way. Although it’s not scheduled to officially launch until February of next year, those interested can still try it out now via Steam Early Access. Titled Elteria Adventures, the game features the type of environment players have come to expect from voxel games…with a few differences. For instance, trees look more like trees, creatures aren’t blocky, and the player’s avatar is also more realistic. It may sound a bit out of place, but it looks like a well balanced blend.

Elteria Adventures features a variety of environments that can be molded by the players, allowing them to build almost anything out of the resources they gather. All players begin in a private instance-based area with their own monsters to slay and a mission to find their way to the Main World hub. This is where they’ll find other players, as well as better resources for building and crafting, and higher level monsters.

To join the Elteria Adventures Early Access, players will need to visit the game’s Steam page and click the “Request Access” button. Doing so will grant immediate access, so the only wait to play will be the time it takes to download the game. (That said, it looks like it may not be the “immediate” access they claim it to be as we’re still waiting for the email Steam says to wait for…so maybe expect a bit of a delay!)


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