Crown is a multiplayer turn-based PvP strategy game that’s currently trying to raise some cash on Kickstarter, as games from new studios — Valencia, Spain’s Tilting Games, in this case — tend to do. It’s not planned to launch until the latter half of 2022, but the reason we’re talking about is because it’s got a free demo available on Steam that you can try right now.

In a game of Crown, you’ll combine characters from five different in-game factions to create your team, forcing you to adapt to your opponent’s strategy. Each character comes with its own sets of virtues and flaws that define its unique abilities, and you can equip them with relics to further boost your capabilities. The one-on-one turn-based battles take place on a grid and occur in three phases: the Flash phase, with one-click skills, the Main phase, where you move and use relics, and the End phase.

Tilting Games has grand plans for the game that include a focus on competition and a ranking system that can see you crowned as “the king of kings.” You can try it for yourself on Steam to see if it sparks your interest, though note that the download button is on the right side of the page, rather than being offered by the usual green button in the central column.

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