X-Legend’s new anime MMO, Twin Saga, entered Open Beta today. The game, published by Aeria Games, spent the last three weeks in closed testing, during which players from three territories spent a total of 250,000 hours in game. Interestingly, during that time only 22 players actually hit level cap.

Today, the developers celebrate the launch of Open Beta by opening the Dragonknight class up for players to try and offering a new level cap of 65. They’re also introducing new dungeons for players to check out.

Players who may have been interested in the game but have put off buying the Founder’s Packs because they’re just not sure about it yet need not worry about whether or not they can still pick one up. Currently the packs are still available for purchase and still offer a variety of items that those looking to play the game for some time may find useful.

Players can join the open beta by signing up on the Twin Saga site.

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  1. I roughly played it for 2hrs in CBT. If you know AuraKingdom, you’ll definetly see alot of reused animations and menus. Nothing to say of the graphics, which (in my opinion) are even inferior to AuraKingdom.
    So while this game DOES indeed play like someone ripped like 70% of AuraKingdom and “animemazed” it even more, it has a few little features that are nice. For example the skills. They feel alot better and smoother than in AuraKingdom. Less clunky, more fluid.
    Another outstanding point would be the intersting concept of a worldmap and those random “DailyQuests” that may have a different outcome depending on your actions. However I can already predict that those will get boring in the future. You’ll learn the most ideal outcome or route and due to this, its more or less just the same as “DailyQuests”. Still an interesting approach.

    Lets get to fighting: Its plain, within borderline to boring. I never encountered any real challenges during my short gameplay. Be it field bosses, or story related bosses. They usually fell within a minute under my usual combo. I never had to dodge or anything.
    (Yeah, I know this might change in the later phases of the game. But right now, I can only report my experience so far.)

    Last but not least. The story. Generic asian shounen story. You are the long forgotten/chosen one and must save the world with your trustworthy companions. It’s a rather usual setting, but poorly executed, thus boring.
    My personal little highlight were those sidequests tho. They were fun once in a while, although the characters appeared very shallow.

    Overall it’s your generic Asian MMORPG. It’s not revolutionary, it does its job and if you’ve loved AuraKingdom you can probably bring yourself to love this game aswell.

    • Indeed it does look like an aura kingdom rip off. But for the people who never played aura kingdom before like me it might be worth checking out.

      • I wouldn’t bother. It’s pay to win. The premium gear in the shop provide permanent % boosts to ALL stats for each piece you equip. It’s also another one of those games where player outfits are decided by a single piece of “costume” gear that you will receive fairly sparsely throughout the game and end up just always looking identical to your peers until you either pay to look unique and literally be stronger than other players or you wait until endgame to get some outfits that don’t give you the same boost.

  2. Not sure if it’s me or the video that was uploaded since I updated my chrome browser to chrome 53 but the video is messed up with green all over. But I’m kinda interested in this game. But if aeria games is the type of company I heard they were then I feel bad this game got stuck with them.

  3. Again these freak faces , half naked kids with huge boobs and baloon like mobs, another generic copy paste asian shit! Maybe its ok for asia but not for west, these copy paste games come anfd go all the time without success!


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