The first ever post-launch update for Aeria Games’ free-to-play MMO Twin Saga has launched and brings with it a bunch of new content for players. The update introduced a new 5v5 PvP Arena where players can use special skills, two new dungeons, a new Senshi, and a new world boss.

The dungeons, Phantom’s Palace and Furval’s Utompia both offer sweet rewards for players. Phantom’s Palace is the most difficult party dungeon so far and will reward players with level 65 Starstones. Furval’s Utopia tasks players with saving the Furval home and will reward them with new pets and Terracottage furniture.

More details on the new update can be found on the Twin Saga site.

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  1. lol took them almost 3 months to get a new update on Twin Saga… Seems like they really are hurting now… Treat your consumers like garbage and that is exactly where you end up yourself.

    • I was actually planning on downloading because this would be my type of game I don’t care about the graphics but I’m reluctant to now because of hearing all these comments and reviews about aeria games treating their consumers like garbage. These games look cool and worth downloading and I’m tempted to but I’m kinda debating on it. I admit I was never a consumer for aeria but after reading so many reviews and comments on how they treat their consumers like garbage it’s kinda hard not to believe it.

      • Dude, most of them are exaggerated. People complain for everything and anything. Best way is to try it yourself, it’s free, meh. You don’t even need to deal with aeria itself, just play 😉

        • Exaggerated?? Did you ever see their BBB Score before they decided to move their business over to Germany. Ya thats right they left US and went over to Germany to evade the BBB… They don’t care about you one bit… I have had awful responses from them for everything and they even decided to block me from support pages because I kept asking for help on something that I never got a direct answer for or even assistants on the matter. I never even did anything that granted such actions..

        • That’s why that one illegal company who want’s to promote their illegal technology is stationed in germany so they don’t gotta deal with the BBB. They scam people and take their money and the consumers of blizzard entertainment gets banned and cry to blizzard entertainment or that illegal company about it and it’s also why they been sueing each other for years.

      • Eh I’m not really a fan of video games much anymore since all of them tend to be garbage nowadays. Mostly popping here seeing if these review sites can give something I never seen. Otherwise I’m probably gonna give up video games mostly or at all and focus on life I have plans and video games are gonna get in the way.

        • When I’m talking about video games I mean MMO’s and for video games the single player ones. Theres a varity of them I do like but it’s overdone with the graphics and the current generation video games is just a turn off for me for right now. But I’m still checking in to see if I can see a good MMO to try out twin saga looks fun but idk if I wanna deal with aeria games. I usually try to avoid games that throw micro currency in your face. I hate subscripion services to but at least it’s less irl money spent in the long run.

  2. It’s funny, on Aeria Game’s website they claim to offer “quality support”. If I could travel back in time, the first thing I would do is warn myself to never purchase Aeria Points. Aeria Games treats their customers like trash, even their whales, such as myself who mistakenly spent $200+ on Aeria Points. I’m baffled at how bad their customer service is. Expect to wait a few days on average after opening a support ticket for either a rude or canned response. They will ban you for literally ANY reason. Like, if you haven’t spent any money in a while, guess what…you’re banned! Haven’t logged in a month? You’re banned! Bottom line, AVOID Aeria games. Playing their games is fine, but don’t spend your money and get scammed like me, save your money.

    • There is one problem with your comment.
      It is NOT fine to play their games.
      As soon as I see it is an aeria game I will not touch it at all.
      Does not matter if you play it but do not spend money on it, you are still helping them.

      p.s. You got a great name. Unfortunately that goes for all developers/publishers.

    • I never played aeria games so I wouldn’t know but I been tempted to play twin saga but I’m not into spenting money on micro currency unless I need it for something but I’ll get a subscription because the games with subscriptions tend to treat free players like trash.

    • I agree that MMO all MMO publishers are scammers, but they haven’t banned me from anywhere.

      I haven’t spent a dime playing Nexon, Aeria, Perfect World, Webzen, (former) gPotato, Gamigo… you name it.

      I haven’t spent a dime and no one has banned me. I agree with you that spending money is a bad idea, but you won’t get banned unless you do something stupid. Insult someone, insult the staff, try to cheat… stuff like that.

      Bottom line – stay clean and don’t give them money.

      • I’ll never spend a dime on perfect world,and maybe aeria games and nexon. But idk about nexon but if I ever decide to try twin saga it would vary on that day I guess.

    • AGREE.
      I got a perma ban on one account where all games tied after years of loyal customer for:
      Accidently saying HI in trade channel on on of their dead anime games.
      I did what Is not supposed to: Took my complaint to forums in US (I got banned in EU) they looked into it, found GM was abusing power, restored my account. But they did kick GM, he is still there abusing power. So I left. If you invest, you will get banned by 12 year old GM’s./ Side note, the screen shot he tried to defend himelf showing me “chatting wrong”, revealed he was trying to flirt with a girl using his GM powers giving her buffs etc…so he lost the war double but so far I was so tireed defending my case I did not point that out but yeah…. AVOID AERIA!

  3. Apologies to those offended that the article originally billed this as an upcoming update when it launched on Oct 6th. This was a result of Aeria Games pushing the announcement in emails TODAY (none last week) and using phrases like “Prepare Yourself for” and “Be ready for” while supplying no date or any indication the update had already launched. The article has since been updated to reflect the update being already launched.

  4. This update seems fun. I just am unsure if I should download twin saga due to the hate to Aeria games I’ve read in reviews and commments. I’ve read plenty of it on many sites.

    • Reguardless what ever people say I still think this game looks fun. But I doubt I’ll get a chance to play it since life comes first.

      • I’m not making this up when i say this, Aeria Games is the only publisher which will ban you if you buy AP, but don’t spend your points regularly. then you have to beg support to unban you, and they do unban you if you’re extremely lucky and promise to spend more money.

        • It’s not exactly banning, more like put on “non-active”. If you don’t spend AP regularly, there are no repercussions, you just have to re-activate (out of experience, plus many of my friends played Aeria MMO’s since Grand Fantasia). So what you’re saying is bs. I do agree that sometimes, re-activing your AP pool, involves having to spend some more money, which is a shitty move from Aeria.

          Aeriagames is the most aggressive with mailinglists and ads. They’ll throw a lot of shit at your face trying to get you to play their games. Also their AP store is a scam. Overpriced items, useless crap that mostly doesn’t even work or add anything. And their support is total bs. You’ll have to wait months before they address a ticket, if they even address any of the tickets that is

          • Almost everything this brain dead F 4GGOT ASD says is pure BS. He always says: “I never played but…” The guy is talking out of his ass for games he has never touched. Just your average MMOBMBER retard

          • I admit your right Cacalips but doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about the game. Ever heard of doing research about the game? Because that’s what I normally do when I don’t have time to sit down and try out the game. And your no different since you insult other users.

          • Also that is not true for every game I have played some games so you can’t tell me I always say I never played the game but… and I know what I’m talking about when I review and this is will probably be the last comment I mention because I don’t intend to cause a flamewar/fight I am only here just to review games like other people even if I am right or wrong or if people don’t agree with my opinion.

        • I don’t normally buy micro currency regularly and doubt I would buy points. But if they did just because I didn’t buy points then this would be a major turn off for me because I don’t wanna waste my money on a game I won’t spend alot of time on and even then I perfer not to buy micro currency unless I see something I want but I perfer subscription since I don’t gotta keep buying micro currency and even then I don’t unless the game catches my eye like world of warcraft.

          • Not sure why Dave Minster but after looking at their site there is just a certain bad feeling I get from them like I get with gameforge. But yeah I perfer to avoid micro currency if possible it’s like they wanna drain your wallet. I got plans irl and it’s gonna keep me in debt and poor if I keep doing it.


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