Two years ago, Twitch Plays Pokémon was an Internet sensation. Being a single-player game without a time limit made it remotely possible to complete, even if it did take a few weeks.

Looking for a more serious challenge, Hearthstone streamer and YouTuber Disguised Toast took the lessons of TPP and wrote a bot that would allow his chat room to play Hearthstone — and, hopefully, play it with some semblance of skill. That’s a much more difficult task, even on PvE mode against adventure bosses, thanks to all the possible different inputs that can be made and the potential for misplays ruining a game. And that’s assuming that players are trying to win, as opposed to being trolls and trying to sabotage the game with bad directions.

Disguised Toast’s highlight video of the experience is found above. Eventually, there is triumph, not only in PvE but in a PvP match, though it takes a lot of pain (and lost ranks) to get there. His exasperation as the community forces one bad move after another is worth your five minutes by itself.

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  1. Twitch plays Heartstone, again something i will probably never take part of, but was quite entertaining watching this highlights video.

    • No, shame on you for not knowing what pay to win means. Please refrain from using words you don’t understand and espacially refrain from insulting.


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