Twitter Reacts To Throne And Liberty Beta, And All I Can Say Is "Oof"

We scoured Twitter for reactions to the Throne and Liberty beta.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

Twitter reacts to Throne and Liberty Korean beta

To be clear here, I wasn't just scrolling Twitter only to find "bad" reactions to the Throne and Liberty Korean beta which began today. I was genuinely curious about what players who were either playing or watching it thought. Unfortunately for Throne and Liberty, the reactions aren't great so far.

We'll start with someone who had something positive to say.

From there, it's just all down hill. Force had a pretty measured, if disappointed, response.

And then the shit show begins.

Will Throne and Liberty be another dead Korean MMORPG import, or do you still hold out hope that you'll find enjoyment in the game and that the western release will somehow improve on what's being seen so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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Discussion (2)

midori 8 months ago
I'm here to fix my error, i said it is visually pleasing but it actually looks like something from 2010 at best. 100% went for that generic mobile phone game look.

midori 8 months ago
Amazing! Throne of liberty is Lost ark that finally managed to combat the bot problem, by turning everyone in to bot. Another 0/10 game that is visually pleasing just like honkai or genshin impact but with no solid gameplay found under the heavy makeup.

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