Ubisoft Is Developing A New Third-Person IP Called ‘Pathfinder’

Maybe this game will last longer than 18 months.

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Ubisoft may be closing down their futuristic battle royale styled game, Hyper Scape, at the end of April, but it would seem that they already have another game in development. An investigative journalist from eXputer stated that Ubisoft is currently working on a new third-person shooter dubbed ‘Pathfinder.’

The look and graphic-style of this new game seem to be similar to Ubisoft Montreal's Hyper Scape, but a little more cartoony in nature. That shouldn't come as too big of a surprise considering the popularity of other games with a similar design like Fortnite and Valorant.

In recent years, battle royale styled games have grown in popularity, and it would seem that Pathfinder is going to continue with that idea, just with a slightly different take. Teams will consist of four players as they drop into a map and will have to work together to find their path towards the center where a main AI boss awaits. Players will need to navigate their way through an outer and inner wall, each having a series of gates that can be breached. This may sound a little too easy, but not all gates are breachable, some are locked and this will change every game. From the description alone, it sounds like a labyrinth styled map. (And reminds Mike and Jason of Gigantic, Agents: Biohunters, and even a Crucible mode that was axed before the entire game received the same axe.)

Not only will our Heroes have to worry about the main AI boss at the center of the map, but smaller AI enemies that grow stronger the closer the player gets to the goal. On top of in-game enemies, there is also the added challenge of battling other players and teams in this (presumed) PvPvE styled game.

The game will have added features as well, like a central hub where players can interact, use a firing range, join an event area, partake in racing vehicles, shop, and more.

Ubisoft did mention in their statement regarding Hyper Scape that: “We will be talking key learnings from this game into future products.” While Hyper Scape is shutting down, If Ubisoft can learn from past mistakes and use their past successes in the development of Pathfinder, it can only be assumed that this endeavor will have better results than its predecessor, Hyper Scape.

Pathfinder is still in early development with not much information, so anything could change from now until an official beta test or launch.

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Flintstone 2 years ago
I think its all good to use what you can from the hard drive but I wonder if they can come up with an original name, its only concept I am sure. :)

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