Ubisoft Forward Multiplayer Recap: Skull And Bones, Division 2, The Division Heartland, And Others Take The Stage

Many multiplayer titles took the stage, but there wasn't really a TON of information dropped.

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Today, Ubisoft took to the digital stage to show off its slate of titles in a new Ubisoft Forward presentation. Obviously just about everyone watching was waiting to get a look at the upcoming (and leaked before the show) Assassin's Creed Mirage and (maybe) a peek at the rumored Assassin's Creed 1 Remake (Spoiler: One wasn't announced, but the 15th anniversary trailers were kind of awesome and a new documentary on the series was released.)

Here though, we'll be giving you the scoop on all the multiplayer PC/console updates the show had to offer. Honestly, while most of the Ubisoft multiplayer games were shown, they didn't feature any real large updates.

Skull and Bones was, of course, at the show with a new trailer, but on the information front, it was a bit of a retread of previously revealed ground when it came to the high seas title. Pirate and ship customization, different ammo types to accomplish different objectives, the usual.

Smuggling networks were mentioned and you'll need to raise your infamy before your pirate even knows about their existence. The trailer does a nice job of showing off a lot of ship customization and you can read the blog post to catch up on any past details you may have missed that were recapped at the show.

Next up on the multiplayer front we have The Division 2...as in the actual game, not any of the spin-offs or mobile titles coming. Season 10, entitled "Price Power", will release on September 13th and will pick up right where the last season left off story-wise. Season 11 will kickoff towards the end of 2022 with new manhunts and a mysterious new "ally" that we'll learn about soon.

The Division Year 5 is also coming next year as the team went out of their way during the presentation to call out how dedicated Ubisoft is to The Division 2...so "no worries here, gang...we're totally not closing down." No date was given for Year 5's release.

While not on PC, The Division Resurgence was teased with a new "Dark Zone" trailer for you mobile fans, so I'll pop that trailer down here for you mobile fans.

The Division Heartland, the battle royale game taking place in The Division world, was given a new dev video. In this title, you'll be exploring Silver Creek, a typical midwestern American city...well typical when it isn't being ravaged by the Dollar Flu. In Heartland, you'll meet new characters and heroes that will be part of the overall Division universe.

If you want a chance to play this free-to-play title early, you can still sign up on the Heartland webpage. You can also see the entire Division slate of details (don't expect a ton of info, though) on the official blog.

Riders Republic received a bit of love (as the console free trial continues) at the show today. BMX is finally coming to the game (I was always surprised it wasn't there from the start), as well as new diciplines, and a whole new zone. The Area 52 zone and new content drops on September 14th.

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