The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: New F2P Title From Ubisoft

More shutdown news incoming as Ubisoft has announced that two of its free-to-play titles will be shuttered over the coming quarter. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, the free-to-play tower construction and invasion game, will cease sales of in-game currency immediately and players will have 60 days to use any currency they have currently. The title will shut down on October 25th.

Ghost Recon Phantoms (previously known as Ghost Recon Online) will have a bit more time on the clock for players to get in their final matches but in the end, closure is scheduled for November 31st/December 1st.

Why? You can probably guess. As the Epic Loot official announcement and the Ghost Recon official announcement both state, these games were “not as successful as we had hoped for, so we had to make the decision to close the game. This decision wasn’t easy for us and we tried to find other ways. But in the end we decided to close the game and focus on other projects.”

The official posts also state that refunds are not an option, sequels or spin-offs are not currently in the works, and selling off the games or opening them up to player supported versions simply wasn’t an option.

If you want to get contact information from friends in game to play other titles with them, hop in game soon as the clock is ticking.


  1. If they made more maps, modes and get rid of it’s pay to win system it would be a good game. They also shouldn’t have taken the ready time away from the guns, that hurt a lot of the core players like myself.

  2. they say that the games were not successful as if there was an unknown reason for it

    the cash shop for Ghost Recon was awfull, each Ghost Recon’s weapons would cost from 20k to 70k or more and you would get about 100 to 200 credits per match, and you couldn’t buy just the one you wanted, you have to buy all previous tier, it was like that for everything, secondary, armor, skills… then you needed to buy all the attachments for your weapon, around 10k each if im not mistaken

    you like a weapon that isn’t tier 7 or more? well, too bad, higher tier were better in almost everything… want to get the max tier weapon? good luck wasting years of your life

    also, the matchmaking was abysmal, normally the system wouldn’t fill the teams for 90% of the game, would throw you on a match with just a few seconds to finish, get teams with 1 or 2 players only

  3. Good, since they closed Ghost Recon Online just to rename their title and did nothing since that time until on last days of new updates aswell as Ubisoft is progressing as fast as EA did (both love to fk up games and make em unplayable or with huge holes)

  4. I played ghost recon phantoms for awhile and it was great but then they just got out of hand and started adding extremely broken weapons and chips that added too much power to the cash shop. They asked for it sadly. Was a great cover based game. RIP

  5. There was never any population to Ghost Recon Phantoms, like when I tried to play it again awhile back there was literally like 50 people online and I couldn’t find a match.

  6. Ghost Recon Phantoms is a completely pay to win game so I am happy to see that go. Might Quest for Epic Loot would have been better served as a mobile game.


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