Ubisoft’s Subscription Services Is Coming to Xbox, R6 Extraction Added to Game Pass

It’ll have its own sub.

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Okay, so this isn’t specifically multiplayer news – although some of the games involved do fall into that category – but if you’ve been hoping Ubisoft+ would be made available on the Xbox consoles, you’re getting your wish. Previously available only via PC, Ubisoft’s subscription service will be making its way to Microsoft’s consoles.

You may be wondering when this will happen. Unfortunately, Ubisoft hasn’t provided that information yet. What we do know is that, unlike EA’s Play subscription service, Ubisoft+ will have a separate subscription from Game Pass. That’s somewhat interesting seeing as Rainbow Six: Extraction will be on the Xbox Game Pass at launch. It does means that Game Pass fans will have to pay an extra sub if they want access to the full Ubisoft+ library.

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