Un-Covered: 'Hardcore' TPS Dizzel rolls into Open Beta

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor Posted:

If you aren't in the mood to kill zombies, monsters or robots, but still want to enjoy a good old fashion Third-Person shooter, then you may want to check out Dizzel from OGPlanet. The TPS launched into beta, not closed or open mind you, just beta and is said to have a "Gears-of-War" vibe too it, what with the over-the-top fatalities, dodge rolls and cover-based aiming.

Those mechanics existed before Gears-of-War, but I digress, Dizzel does tout some notably interesting sounding game modes like "Killer Sentinels" and to catch a "Predator Mode" in addition to an apparent plethora of potent power packing pistols, and many other less rhythmic sounding weapons.

One of the weapons you can score is the Golden SG552 Assault Rifle, which you're able to obtain from a giveaway happening right here on MMOBomb. If you were to ask me how it handles, I wouldn't have a clue, but its gold and the market is always telling us to invest in it so there's one incentive!

If the giveaway happens to run out you can always follow the link here to the official site where you may download and play Dizzel now.

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Discussion (27)

Zatch Gomez 9 years ago
ZMR Its an old game called Mercenarys Online, and it is pay to win Nmasse its making it that way ... Its actually a game made form EpicGames China. Thats why it has the Crappy Gears Of War look and even maps Like Gridlock on first gametype.

FarmerM 9 years ago
Well. I tried the beta. Controls are clunky. Weapons imbalanced.
The game's been out for like 4 years. I expected more.

Won't play again.

ioulios 9 years ago
was waiting for this shit a long time...cause i like tps....installed it played 3 games and uninstalled it right away....game is shit

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ffs 9 years ago
I can not agree more to the comments. I had to alt+f4 out of the game in the first match because it was so bad.

warframe guy 9 years ago
it looks ok it reminds me of gears of war

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dark20xx 9 years ago
Too bad ZMR and Dizzel are both mediocre and manage to get enough people to try em cuz of their false trailers being marketed or it's just the items being given.
Installed - tried - uninstalled both.

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omgkthxby 9 years ago
I did the tutorial, cover system doesnt work half the time, buggy as hell, gameplay is shit, uninstalled.

Trenix 9 years ago
It's just another terrible F2P shooter, was a quick uninstall.

GMAlonzo 9 years ago
Well this game is uninstall.
was waiting for this game for 2 years, graphics are horrible , even at max it looks like its from 2001. Or idk, because there's games back in 2001 that look better than this. I suspect there are hackers, people with weird names never missing, only one mode available, texture problems from the devs, just overall bad looking game.


Stick with gears of war :)

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Pedobear 9 years ago
Mounted little kid

Renegade 9 years ago
ZMR is MUCH MUCH better honestly

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