V Rising’s Secrets Of Gloomrot New Cinematic Trailer Gives Off Some Dr. Frankenstein Vibes

Some pieces of corpses here, some lightning there… and you have yourself a monster.

QuintLyn Bowers
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V Rising Gloomrot Cinematic

V Rising’s Secrets of Gloomrot expansion is scheduled to release on May 17. When it hits, it’ll expand the game’s map – adding two different biomes in a zone – and give players the multi-floor castle improvements they’ve been waiting on. It will also implement a lot of the features the developers of Stunlock have been talking about for a while now.

As should probably be expected, it will expand on the game’s story content, introducing new problems to the mix. One such problem can be seen in the expansion’s cinematic trailer, courtesy of IGN. The trailer shows your typical mad scientist hangout. Bad lighting, lots of dingy schematics indicating how to cobble body parts together, questionable-looking equipment, and the required lightning. In the end, we see the product of the scientist’s labor. Yeah…. this is gonna be a problem.

Now... about that Xbox rumor???

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