V Rising Shows Off PvE And PvP Combat In New Trailer

Gank or be ganked.

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V Rising Farbane Woods

We can't get enough of V Rising, the vampire-themed survival game in development from Stunlock Studios. Today, we were graced with a minute-long gameplay trailer that showed off a slice of melee and ranged combat, both PvE and PvP, in the Farbane Woods.

We won't get into a full frame-by-frame breakdown, but even at a casual glance, you can see the wide variety of options available to displaced vampire lords and ladies. There are 14 hotbar options, using the 1-7 keys, as well as left and right mouse clicks, spacebar, shift, E, R, and T. You've got two meters to keep track of, which look like the game's version of life and mana, while that central red bubble represents your blood, the source of your power, which was discussed in a previous dev blog.

The action progresses from PvE encounters to -- at the one-minute mark -- our intrepid antiheroes ambushing another pair of vampires and reminding them that the woods are a dangerous place. Also dangerous: the sun, which seems to be something you can evade by remaining in the shade as you travel through the world. That's a nice touch for would-be daywalkers.

Stunlock Studios has yet to announce a release window for V Rising, but we'd be amazed if some form of the game -- early access, open beta, or full launch -- wasn't available next year. Until then, you can learn more about the game on its website or Steam page.

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