The competitive revamp isn’t the only new thing coming to Valorant in next week’s Act III update next week, on Oct. 13. There’s also a new map, Icebox, an abandoned research facility in the Arctic with two objective sites.

(Actually, the competitive revamp might not be coming next week, with a date of Oct. 27 listed in the blog post announcing everything coming in Act III — though the original post about competitive mentioned that it would be happening Oct. 13. So we’re a little confused.)

Icebox was moved up in the schedule, but at the cost of the next new agent, which will be delayed for two weeks after Act III’s launch because “our last few patches haven’t been the most stable, and we know more of you want Icebox.” The delay lets the dev team make it so agents can “play nice” with various map elements before adding another agent. A teaser for that agent was included at the end of the article, with an image of a fox in the woods. And, well, there’s the header image at the top of the article that probably shows the agent herself, with a similar color scheme and art style.

There’s a new battle pass for the Act as well, with “revamped weekly mission progress for faster unlocks and additional Epilogue tiers.” The Singularity weapon skill will also be available, equippable on four weapons and your melee weapon, and there will be a free gun buddy available on Oct. 28 to celebrate the addition of servers for North Africa and the Middle East.

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