Valve Still Makes Team Fortress 2 Comics, New One Out Today

Jason Winter
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Look, I don't mean to sound like an Overwatch fanboy, but ... since Valve released the last installment in its primary Team Fortress 2 comics 16 months ago, Blizzard has put out 10 comics and six videos to advance the story. Oh, and the game itself, along with its associated update. In terms of Valve's development and marketing cycles, it seems like there's Dota 2 and then everything else is on the back burner -- way back, like in another county.

Still, if you've managed to follow along with the TF2 story through its comics (and the occasional video), you've got some more to chew on today. "The Naked and the Dead" is the sixth comic in a series that explores the fight between RED and BLU. Judging by the first image, it looks like something pretty serious and heart-wrenching ... oh, who are we kidding? It's a TF2 comic, so if there's anything heart-wrenching about it, it'll include a heart literally being removed with a wrench.

If you need to catch up after the long absence, you can read all the TF2 comics here. Between the "main" comics and the "update comics," there's a lot there to keep you entertained. There's even a "catch-up comic," though even that's out of date, having been published on May 2, 2014.

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Discussion (2)

kekman 7 years ago
The funny part is that those overwatch comics and videos arent worth a single issue of the TF2 comics

Wtf valve 7 years ago
Valve makes comics? I've heard alot of what valve does but I didn't know they do this. What don't they do lmao?

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