Fans of strategy games of the past may want to take a peek at Victus Game: Rewrite History over on Kickstarter. Meshing three of history’s most iconic civilizations at their peak (Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans), Victus Games wants to pay homage to the great strategy titles of the past and throw in a little bit of humor along the way.

While the game is slated to be free-to-play with a non-game impacting cash shop, this indie team based in Bulgaria needs a bit of help to finish off their project so they’ve taken the game to Kickstarter seeking a little over $15K in needed funding.

Victus Game: Rewrite History looks to be a city builder at heart with players competing to perfect their civilization, but don’t expect the road to victory to be based on just building. A balanced in-game economy, strategic troop management, and even dirty tricks could all pave the way to your success.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this title as the Kickstarter unfolds and for those of you that have had their curiosity piqued, be sure to check out the game’s site.


  1. I am not a big fan of him saying:
    “Sooo after spending half our budget on these pretty amazing stuff around us”
    I don’t know if he is being funny or if they actually had that shit build like a “set” or something or if its a place there is that they are just in to record the video. But I am not supporting developers that has no fucking idea about how to spend money next week they will be uploading a video where they all bought golden shoes with diamonds on and will ask for extra money for development.


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