Season VII of Conqueror’s Blade is just weeks away, with players squaring off against the “demented worshippers of an ancient wolf-god” later this month. The Wolves of Ragnarok are howling at the gates, ready to do battle with, and be recruited by, realm’s warlords.

Three new ferocious Viking-inspired “Northmen” units will be available this season. They’ll be recruitable through unit challenges, and you can then take them on a seasonal campaign. There’s also a new 15v15 siege battle “inspired by Norse architecture and settlements.”

Another tip to Norse culture is the introduction of Runes, which are artifacts that can be attached to your weapon or armor to improve your attributes and provide other bonuses. Finally, there’s a “Treasures of Asgard” battle pass, with Thegn’s Hero Attire being unlocked immediately upon purchase, and other properly themed gear being unlocked at later levels.

The Wolves of Ragnarok arrive on March 18. You can see the full announcement on the Conqueror’s Blade website.


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