Online Warmongers Group Inc. announced that the free-to-play online shooting game War Inc. Battle Zone has launched out of beta testing. As part of a major feature update for launch, the game is now fully tuned for play in both first and third-person view. This is in addition to other launch updates that look to set it apart. War Inc. Battle Zone is introducing 32 vs. 32 “platoon-on-platoon” battles. It is also rolling out one of the deepest weapon modification systems available, with a unique feature where players can test their assortment of ordinance on a firing range before deploying it in real matches.

During the course of beta testing, War Inc. Battle Zone attracted a dedicated player corps from more than 175 countries who logged in excess of 120 million hours of game play. These players were instrumental in Online Warmongers’ constant feature additions and game play refinements. As a token of appreciation, the developers have given out more than $10 million in virtual currency to their player community in the lead up to launch.

Players everywhere can expect a finely balanced tactical shooter rooted in modern warfare. War Inc. Battle Zone delivers endless fun and hard-hitting action in a session based shooter with multiple game modes. It now paves the way for an online battle theatre like never before with the freedom to play as both FPS and TPS.

In addition to a deep character customization system, it’s stacked tighter than a personnel carrier with weapons, accoutrements, and even heavy gear such as armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Bolstering the game’s customization options is the all-new weapons modification system. It gives players thousands of possible firearm combinations with dozens of choices per weapon and a testing range to try out different modifications. Additional launch features include clan warfare and stereoscopic and anaglyph 3D support.

The game’s developers at Online Warmongers are a world class group with decades of game making experience between them. Lead developers have worked on blockbusters such as Call of Duty Black Ops, Gears of War, Star Trek Online and Guitar Hero. The studio was founded by Sergey Titov, former technical director of Riot Games, developer of mega-popular free-to-play game League of Legends.

The technology driving War Inc. Battle Zone is Online Warmongers’ proprietary Eclipse engine, a licensable game engine designed explicitly for premium online and free-to-play PC games. In War Inc. Battle Zone, the engine delivers intense realism in a visually stunning shooter set in dynamic environments, where players can change lighting by shooting out lights and see their surroundings affected by dust, smoke, fog and other particle effects.

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  1. Oh yah..This pile of crap is back…If its anything like the old one before relaunch drop five dollars and you will be one shooting nonpaying users and getting steam rolled by people who payed ten dollars.

    That aside the only one was bad, full of hackers, poor balance, and had a servers that loved too crash. So no, I am going to move right along and just warn all of you.

    Their is a reason the game closed in less then a year last time..

    • Heh. I remember the GMs used to get into petty arguments on the forums while trying to deny the fact that the cash shop items are unbalanced.

    • STFU nab. You have no idea.

      I played since closed beta. Stopped after one update kind of made it privlidged to payers. The game play was good. Probably the BEST fps map design besides Bad company. That is to say, you cannot memmorize the maps. YOu can look in one direction and the enemy could be in any possible hiding spot. Most games, you look in one direction, the enemy is only going to come at you from two paths…zerg fests. This game keeps i strategically good. Bad Co had destructable terrain so that is completely different, you can form your own hiding spots…That said, one I see some guy run unnaturally fast with cash cloths and gun, and has highest score for out running the bullets…it kind of ruined it for me. So I quit. BUT, if those were fixed..I think I am going to Dl right now

      • “YOu can look in one direction and the enemy could be in any possible hiding spot.”
        This is exactly how CoD games work you moron.

  2. I’ve played this game a couple of times and it was pretty good, much better than most F2P first person shooters. However, something in that game makes me get unusual lag. Those graphics are just not good enough to be slowing my computer down. I blame the programmers…


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