War Thunder Adding Infantry Exo Suits And Giant Soviet Robots

Infantry and Soviet Robots are coming.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

war thunder infantry

Get ready for a game changer in War Thunder as the game announced today a duo of updates sure to turn things on their head for players.

First up is the Open Beta testing for Infantry. The classic War Thunder experience, which began in the air and then added sea and land vehicles, is now adding mobile boots on the ground. Equipped with powerful exo-suits, infantry members take to the battlefield. Check out the trailer below.

Next up is the Atomic Thunder update which adds large Soviet robots to the military game's battlefield. Each robot will play a unique role such as the MA-9 Belyash welding robot which is heavily inspired by chimpanzees and can easily climb even on vertical surfaces, making the perfect scout. More information on testing and further robot specialties will be unveiled at a later date.

war thunder atomic thunder

With this set of changes to the game it's unlikely that current metas will stand, and players will be looking for new ways to engage in the battle. It's a little odd that some of these changes are making their way into the game, seeing as how realism is apparently no longer a priority... but what are you gonna do, I mean it's not like it's April 1st or anything.

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