The thunder of war keeps booming, and today War Thunder went live with Update 1.67, named “Assault!” That’s with an exclamation point, so you know it’s a really LOUD update.

19 new vehicles will contribute to that noise, including the biggest gun in the game, a 183mm anti-tank cannon mounted on the British self-propelled gun FV4005. There are three new Japanese tanks as well as some powerful American and Soviet tanks in this update. You can get updated on all the new firepower on the War Thunder dev blog. Three new maps, one air and two combined forces, also make their way into the update.

But wait, there’s more! The Assault mode is a new PvE mode coming soon to War Thunder, which tasks tankers with defending a location against waves of enemies or challenges pilots to maintain air superiority over enemy bombers. Both modes are still in development, though expected to debut “soon”(TM).

Also, as the video above demonstrates, aircraft engines now spew fire from their exhaust. Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal! And sort of pretty…

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