Whenever games like War Thunder add an update, you expect a plethora of new tanks, planes, skins, and weapons. Update 1.43 (available today) certainly doesn’t disappoint on that front (see what I did there? “front”…it’s a war game…never mind). Adding 17 new ground vehicles and 25 new aircraft (with 1 more coming soon after the update) really expands the capabilities for all countries.

That’s a sizable update on its own but Update 1.43 is a LOT bigger than that.

War Thunder players have been asking Gaijin Entertainment for destrutable environments for quite some time and now they’ve finally made their way into the game. While the physics will no doubt be tweeked and reworked over the coming months, there’s nothing as satisfying as running over statues with a tank and it’s a nice addition to the game.

Speaking of easily noticed changes, your hangar has received a bit of an overhaul as well. In addition to the usual unit selection process, players can now design loadouts right in their hanger and even learn more about each unit’s build, strengths, and weaknesses simply with the click of a button. Want to find the weak spot in your opponent’s armor build? You can scope it out to get any edge you can!

Want new modes and battle locations? Yep. That’s in here too. Check out the brand new “Race Mode.” If you’re not in the mood to gun down opponents, hop in the cockpit and try some airplane racing on for size. I’m not going to lie, I got a little nostalgic for Pilotwings watching the new mode. You can enter this mode solo or as a team.

Finally, the first pieces of user created content will be available in War Thunder’s store. Implementing a new revenue sharing program, Gaijin Entertainment will split the profits for models and skins users create that make their way to the store. Expect the payout to be about 25% of the total proceeds (with a few modifiers if your item is in a package with other user created material.)

All in all, it’s actually a very impressive update. Since the update is still being installed on the servers at the time of this writing, head on over to the Dev Blog and check out the full update listing!

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  1. Their update system is so f*cked up O_O It was like…nearly a day! to finish 2 Gb of patch on speed 50 kb/s…what the hell? And then after that..game says that ..hey, better textures is available! Go download another 4 Gb XD Nah..screw this

  2. Until they fix bomber spam (heavy bombers) this game deserves to die. They can add whatever they want, bomber spam is the cancer of this game and Gaijin keeps ignoring the main problem for almost a year.

    • Its the same problem that Wargaming had with artillery in WoT. Put in a dumb vehicle type that has no place in the kind of combat your game actually allows players to experience, then watch people abuse the shit out of it.

      Heavy bombers in War Thunder should of never been
      anything but NPC formations to defend or intercept.


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