Warcraft’s first orcish warlock Gul’dan is headed to the Nexus. So, as always, the Heroes of the Storm team have provided players with an overview of his abilities, strengths, and weaknesses with their latest Spotlight video.

In Heroes, Gul’dan is a sustained damage ranged assassin with an ability set that will make him a true threat. Gul’dan’s trait: Life Tap is pulled from Warcraft. Rather than autogenerating mana, he uses this to restore his mana by sacrificing his health.

His basic abilities are a combination of damage and self healing that will make him difficult to take down if used properly — or result in his defeat if used improperly.

Basic Abilities

  • Fel Flame – wave of shadow fire that damages all members of the opposing team in its path
  • Drain Life – siphons health from enemies, will break when out of range
  • Corruption – creates three pools of dark energy that cause damage over time to anyone caught in them, can triple stack

Heroic ability

  • Horrify – causes anyone caught in it to flee
  • Rain of Destruction – rains down damage dealing meteors in a large area randomly
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