Take on legions of rival players in ferocious large-scale battles in Waren Story, the latest free to play MMORPG from Aeria Games. The company announced the beginning of Closed Beta testing for this fantasy adventure filled with great visuals and engaging PvP gameplay.

Waren Story features four distinct classes, and ten captivating PvP modes to foster competition between players and guilds. A variety of battlefields set the stage on which skilled gamers can vie for supremacy, and each other’s precious honor points. An ultimate battlefield also awaits for the bravest and most daring, pitting teams of up to 100 players against each other in a titanic clash. But players must take heed, as dying there means forfeiting experience points to the killing player and possibly losing valuable items!

The game also offers several methods of guild vs. guild conflict for large scale rivalries. Guilds may simply declare war upon each other and attack opposing players anywhere in the world, or enter the exciting Siege War mode for a more organized approach to wholesale slaughter. An invading guild must lay waste to a castle with weapons including cannons, catapults, ballistae, and of course, traditional PvP combat, while the defending guild must hold them off and protect their guild stone.

Not only does the winning guild in a Siege War gain additional treasure, they also get a ticket to the weekly Conquest War, a highly prestigious affair in which five guilds housed in five separate castles fight in a free-for-all battle royale. The winning guild receives major spoils, the ability to set tax rates on NPC vendors, and of course, supreme bragging rights for the week!

Players can participate in Waren Story’s beta at http://warenstory.aeriagames.com.


  1. This is legitimately one of the WORST games I have played this year. The movement system is horrible, skills are complete junk, “PvP” is practically non existent although the game advertises itself as a “PvP focused game” (complete bull imo btw). GMs are a laughing stock and they hide the fact that they know that by throwing empty threats around. I doubt the game even has a ban system implemented its so poorly made. Targeting is pretty broken as well, and by broken, I mean even though its in CBT, it shouldn’t be that bad. Selecting players is overly confusing and frustrating, and just an overall horrible straight piece of trash game. Don’t waste your HD space or time downloading this piece of crap and pass it by. Nothing to see here.

  2. This game isnt the best sure, not the best graphics either (looks kinda like aika online but not as good) which is to be expected since its closed beta, they will improve (hopefully i mean aeria games arent the most reliable company in the f2p market) but this game does have very cool features like all the different wars it has, i joined in on an annihilation war (everyone has to kill the enemies as quick as possible) and man that was exciting, i admit it was a cluster-beep- of mobs and skill spamming but damn it was fun as hell, give it a shot guys its pvp elements are pretty fun and not new, but refreshing. Give the game a try dont bash it just because its from aeria games, maybe give some reason as to why its bad? anyways that is just my 2 cents x100
    -Stay Classy

    • they want to make it better then it already was, and thats why its still in development.
      they took all feedback from the alpha and now they are trying to make it better so its worth the wait most likely if you still liked how it was before you’re gonna like it more.

      • mmmm…that sounds good to me.
        I hope all the feedback turns that game from one that i found really good into one that i found awesome muahahaha
        but i still want Lime Odyssey soooooon hahahaha

  3. another hack n slash just what we need just like we need more mobas and shooters how bout a new 3d fantisy with decent graohics for a change come on

  4. Man, i love how Aeria can be stupid.They are making a bunch of games that should be released years ago, and then anounce another one…C’mon, looks like Aeria team are a bunch of monkeys…

    • Lime Odyssey’s a great game but this game got a lot of bug even the team developed this game couldn’t do anything just shutdown the game forever . Do u think aeria can fix those bug ? Of course “NO”

  5. This game is such a piece of crap – I played it last night, Aeria are delaying Lime Odyssey for this, which is so bad you have no idea – a Lineage II clone, that’s what it is.


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