Earlier this year, it looked as though Crytek’s Free-to-Play FPS Warface was on track to be released sometime in the summer. But after shutting the closed beta for an unannounced extended period of time, Crytek simply stopped talking about Warface and the shooter slipped from many a mind. Months passed, and now Crytek is back, ready to thrust a -surprisingly soon- release date for Warface into the public’s face.

The not-quite-as-futuristic-as-Ghost-Recon military shooter is set to be released starting next week on October 21st. Crytek has yet to speak on what improvements have been made to the FPS since the closed beta, but did release a launch trailer which bears a surprising resemblance to something you’d expect a CoD trailer to look like. Apart from the motorcycle space helmets.

More information on Warface, including how to signup and play before launch, can be found on the official site here.

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  1. Warface team are nazies… they restricted many eastern-european countries (who speak english) from european server and redirected them to russian server, which even website doesnt have english language, im not even mentioning the russian language client and players who dont even speak english… U think this is respectful? to consider eastern european countries as if they still belong to the soviet union? u know that’s an insult to us right? we’re in European Union, we speak english language and we’re forbidden to play on european server? that’s why i said to myself that i’ll never play a game by such idiotic company… im sure many other players gonna do the same… and yeah im not even mentioning this crappy g-face plugin (instead of standalone client with a launcher) and how the game got more and more buggier every new beta…

    • Obviously western publisher simply “sold” you to the Russian one. Yes, IP blocking is always bad. Even many Russian hate being locked away on Russian server and they don’t have issues with game language.

      However, something tells me that you would have been very happy to see this IP block on European servers for Russia only…

      • Wrong, i have no problem with russians who speak english language since it’s international language for many countries. I have problem with the company who locks us on Russian website with effing cyrillic letters and russian language, and players on their server who kick out “foreigners” who speak only english language, and i have problem with playing on a team and having no effing idea what strategy team mates are organizing in their russian language…And something tells me u wanted to bite “ironicaly” thinking im some butthurt person hating on normal russian people, however u failed.

  2. Looking forward to the European version … been playing the Russian version for a while and bad thing about it is that you can’t communicate with others unless you know Russian … G-Face doesn’t bother me as long as it doesn’t mess up my pc …

  3. I would say Alliance of Vigilant Arms, Warface will probably have hackers the first week, I know Russian version has so many hackers it makes combat arms look hacker free.

    • Warface has better weapon customisation and graphics. AVA has better recoil (and overall shooting) mechanics and somewhat more tactical gameplay.

  4. Can I run this on my pc? Specs are AMD A8-Elite Quad Core 2.1ghz, 8gb ddr2 with 4gb readyboost, with Radeon 8850G ( Yes its a laptop, its a HP DV7 Touchscreen Laptop MSRP: $750 ) and according to tomshardware a Radeon 8850G would be slightly higher than a GTX 650. So can I run it? I can run borderlands 2 max resolution, max settings, etc. , can also run Far Cry 3 800x by 600x with graphics maxed out with Anti Aliasing. -Thank you

    • According to ” Systemrequirementslab ” it says you can run the max graphic setting with max resolution for your Radeon 8850G. P.S. I used this website ” h t t p : // w w w . systemrequirementslab . c o m “

  5. This game is not even close to being good for release…..Poorly optimized, unbalanced Smgs, oh and did I say very poorly optimized? Also this release comes just days before Battlefield 4 comes out, that is a very bad idea for a release date lol.

  6. I whish we had the same Warface in Russia (except for useless browser-based lobby of course). Warface Russia has some game breaking features.

      • I know that I can. But I don’t want to deal with their horrible network delay compensation system that make everyone lag regardless of the latency. I’d rather play something else like PlanetSide 2.

  7. Was a CB and OB tester for the RUssian version. It is much superior than the US/english one. I have NO IDEA why. Other than G-face is lame. Cash shop model is abused in English, the graphics files tweaked for turd out put. The progression screwed up. The reward rates. Every aspect just sucked monkey hairs. Either wayn RU version gets stupid end game with everyone making over armored troops, power sliding and knifing you. BOTH versions still can”t escape this was a single player open map game that got dropped and slapped a F2P shooter aspect to it. Including useless class system and stuped skill system and the stupidest ladder replacement system (you hoist…but onmy in desginated places, so it just replaced the ladder).

  8. I liked the game BUT the g-face software running with it just Suck balls!!! Can’t there be the game without g-face??Much better for me!!


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