Having launched last month on the PC, Digital Extremes has now brought the “Tubemen of Regor” update to console players of the free to play title, Warframe. Not just content to add the new content though, Digital Extremes is also touting massive game improvements for both XBox One and PS4 players.

It’s been no secret for console players that Warframe has had some frame rate and other performance issues since its launch. With today’s update, Digital Extremes has stated that, “The latest update brings noticeable improvements to frame rate across the entire game. Players will see impressive gains on both the Xbox One and PS4™ whether they’re playing solo or the newly added 8-player Trials.” This has got be great news for console players.

On the content side of things, PS4 and XBox One players will also be able to take part in the “Law of Retribution” 8 player trial, new game modes, new weapons, and more.

Event wise, two events have started or are starting soon. Operation False Profit runs from today until June 11th for PS4 players and June 12th for XBox One players. Operation Tubemen of Regor will be available on June 17th and be available until June 25th on both consoles.

The Team Annihilation game mode has been added and new mods and maps are included along with all of the new weapons and content. All in all, it’s a pretty impressive update for console players and is even more so if the gameplay improvements are as impressive as Digital Extremes claims.

Playing Warframe on a console? Let us know just how much better you think the game plays now in the comments below.

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  1. would have kept playing it if they din’t charge players for MORE FUCKING MOD SLOTS!!!!! none of my weapons deals damage cause im very restricted on mod slots and finding a goddamn catalyst takes is next to nonexistant.

    • WHat the duck are you going on about? Every mat in warframe is farmable, it’s just rng bud. Maybe you should be patient and farm like ther est, OR you can spend $ buying your shiet.

  2. Yeah it’s nice and all but THE GRIND man the grind, it takes decades to unlock a better weapon because the one that you already have doesn’t kill anything beyond planet Mars so you have to stay in early planets doing the same missions upgrading your gear in order to barely survive the next planet just to do more grinding. Only then ull be able to loot materials to craft a better weapon and so on and so fort, of course if you are a free player as me ull get your ass kicked so may times you’ll uninstall. And if you want to unlock a new frame just add twice the grinding to get only one part at the time. The co-op is really nice, but now the lagg wont let you do anything but play in solo all the way up. Not playing anymore this game.

    • The grind is real if u want to have all maxed out,it’s normal.It’s really easy to lvl,i dno how you played.If u don’t know nothing about the game yea,it’s kinda hard but if u learn it’s easy.Farming for frames it’s really easy to.For the lag thingy u could change in game settings, on default the games looks for players who got max 300ping..but u could change that.If u know nothing about the game shut up.The true thing it’s the grind at high lvl if u want the last equipment.

      • there’s only one way to play, start a mission, go and kill everything and loot all crates, then repeat the mission, how many play styles do you know, then? use a kubrow? you need to farm a lot to get him aswell, and of course it’s easy to grind if you already are a p2w guy, which i’m not, and shut up, it’s my opinion about the game for new players, i wasnt asking you

        • By the fact you said Warframe is P2W I now now you are an idiot. The grind you mentioned is not really that bad after playing for a week I had enough resources for most things and even got a couple blueprints 1 for a helmet the other for a weapon.

    • actually any weapon is good as long as you got the mods for it.
      heck, skana and braton can even be used for endgame!

      mods that every gun should have: heavy caliber, serration, split chamber and vile acceleration also note that they should all be maxed and then u can put in what ever mods u want

    • oh and honestly, ive never spent a single penny on this game and ive managed to get 1k plats by flipping stuff on the trade and i wish this game isnt even f2p cuz its just too good to be one


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