Digital Extremes hosted its weekly Warframe Devstream today, offering players a look at some of the things arriving in the near future. They started out a stream with a glimpse at what working from home is like for the dev team, but quickly moved on to more official business, like rescheduling the release of Deadlock Protocol, the progression of the Railjack rework, and the new community-created Warframe.

As some of you may have noticed, April is nearly over and The Deadlock Protocol has yet to release. As it turns out that particular bit of content — which updates the Jackal Boss fight, adds a new story quest for the Warframe Protea, and introduces the new Greed Token currency — will arrive some time in May. No specific date has been provided.

The stream also covered Nightwave Season 3 The Glassmaker — which also arrives in May. Information on the various reward tiers and how players can solve a murder mystery is detailed in the stream linked below.

Finally, about that new Warframe. It, too, is demoed in the stream. Concept art has also been published and can be viewed above.

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