Warframe players got some big news last night during TennoLive — the panel that wraps up the annual TennoCon event. The panel, which is streamed live on Twitch, offers players a glimpse at what’s in the game’s future, and while most players expect reveals of new skins, Tennos, and general content, they were also offered an unexpected — and possibly one of the best — reveal of the game on Nintendo Switch.

After providing a small demo of the game on the console Digital Extremes announced that they have been working with developer Panic Button (Doom, Rocket League) to port the game. No specific date was provided for the game’s launch on the console, but fans seemed fairly excited.

Of course, the Switch port wasn’t the only thing revealed during the stream. DE also showed off several new skins, discussed the return of the Prime vault and, and offered a preview of the game’s next expansion, Fortuna. Set on Venus, Fortuna introduces Solaris United, a faction of modified beings effectively enslaved by their Corpus overlords. This new open world adds several new features — including a hoverboard.

Trailers for both the Switch port and the Fortuna expansion are available below. If you’re interested in seeing the full reveals and preview, the panel is available to watch on Twitch.

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  1. I actually never tried Warframe on PC because I have so many other games to play. But I’ll try it on the Switch. Perfect to play on my job where I cant play on the PC:D

  2. Redundant.
    I think Nintendo need to re-evaluate and wake up to what they had..a niche market.
    Now by letting all and everything just like all the other consoles wannabes trying to be PC’s are actually making themselves redundant by not seeing they had there own thing.
    What a waste of money buying consoles now turns out to be. They can’t even make games for their own devices they have to source them from the PC and other areas.
    On the PC its normal for it to be coded and emulators are created, that’s just what the PC does best ..coding, plus with this coding comes mountains of games. 🙂
    Consoles should learn a sharp lesson and keep to their own products, otherwise they become redundant. Especially Nintendo, as they had it and were alone, but now are heading to be in the queue for, Redundancy. 🙂

    • PC has always been and always will be the king of all games, consoles are just cheap knock-off pc’s for kids to play games on.


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