Digital Extremes is holding a Warframe-specific convention in London, Ontario for all their fans. The event will take place at the London Convention Center on July 9 and will offer attendees a chance to hang out with Warframe developers, Twitch and YouTube personalities, and other players.

Fans wanting to go have three options for tickets:

  • Full Day Ticket – $25 CAD – includes full day access to the event along with free, exclusive in-game swag.
  • Collector’s Ticket – $75 CAD – includes full day access to the event along with free, exclusive in-game swag, PLUS an exclusive TennoCon t-shirt and additional swag.
  • Limited VIP Ticket – $250 CAD – includes all previous tier items along with a Limited Edition Nyx Collector’s Statue and a Digital Extremes Studio Tour, complete with Canadian Brunch with the Warframe Development Team.

The whole event will be capped off with TennoLive, a broadcast of the Devstream series. Those unable to attend the event can watch this on Twitch.

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  1. Warframe blows dong and is a pointless grind. All you do is grind for gear so you can grind for more gear so you can grind for even more gear. POINTLESS. Get a life you fckin nerds. Instead of wasting your pathetic lives in your parents’ basement, get out and meet girls. Maybe you’ll actually get laid lmao

    • i don’t know if you’re just joking or being serious lol..but warframe is the best free to play game i have ever played..i spent only 5 USD on this game…and i have everything i wanted to have…the key is trade: everyone should learn how to trade on this game and you’re good to go..you wont be needing anymore grind…you can buy anything from other players…also you can basically sell any prime part or any mods you find even if some of them are useless you’ll always find someone who will pay very well for that lol

    • Kinda ironic how the game is designed like this to keep people like you out. It is a grindy game, but not so much when you enjoy the gameplay, strategy, and lore.

      If you’re new to this game, find a clan, because having access to Dojo blueprints helps tremendously. Use your free 50 Platinum on more weapon slots. Google mods and Prime items for what they’re going price is amongst others and ask a fair price. You’ll get Platinum to buy more warframe/weapon slots this way very easily.


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