A real Warframe wedding is taking place and we’re all invited. Digital Extremes is helping two lucky Warframe players get hitched as only gamers can. Players Niti and Eli are tying the knot on Monday October 17 and the popular NPC, The Lotus, will be officiating.

Don’t worry, apparently The Lotus has all her paperwork in order to make things nice and legal outside of Warframe as well.

The wedding will be streamed live on Twitch via Warframe’s channel at 1:00 P.M. EST on the 17th and can therefore be attended by anyone who can make it. To make the event even more memorable for the couple, Digital Extremes has teamed up with Xbox and Twitch to give them a big wedding gift. (Although they haven’t said what it is.)

The full invitation to the event can be viewed below.


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  1. I hope they have a great time together, after all, they aren’t doing anything that goes against other players, so why wish them a bad experience

  2. It is just a PR scam. Those are some shills paid to promote the game this way. Developers,publishers are lowest life form and they just lie and scam people in every way they can

    • Can’t it just be PR?

      Why’s it gotta be a scam, it’s a cool thing for devs to do. I’d brag about it if I was them, which they aren’t.

      • It is a scam because those two did not meet in this game. So this is a PR scam.
        And they are braging about it. How do you think you get to read this “article” here. Plus they will stream it on their channel.

        like i said, developers/publishers are lowest life form. They only care about scaming people. it is a bunch oof heterophobic, misnadry feminazi kids.

    • I’ve seen many games do ingame weddings but not like this. But not all devs and publishers are liars and scammers. Very few actually make word on what they promise but most of them just end up lying which is why the MMO genre sucks.

    • Hey man. Don’t forget that it’s a pretty well developed game for free. So… lowest life form? I’d rather call people bashing others the “lowest life form.”

    • It’s actually 2 people getting married via the game, but feel free to act like an ass just bc you don’t know what’s actually going on…

  3. Makes me remember the time when MMOS are the big thing…we got to see this in most game

    Cleary shows that Warframe have a good community

    • That you have to live your whole life with just your left hand as your soulmate (unless you use your right hand..), is no reason to bash whatever other people decide to do. I mean, you’ll marry your hand, but hey, I’m not judging.

  4. Eli and Niti have put a lot of time and planning into this and warframe has been great at providing as much help and support as possible. This has been a long time coming and I wish then both the best!


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