Warframe is now on the Epic Games Store, marking the first collaboration between the two companies — Digital Extremes and Epic Games — who created the Unreal series in 16 years. You can check out the game for yourself on its new platform, and for the next two weeks, you can pick up an Unreal-themed bundle for free.

Digital Extremes is calling its game on EGS an “evolved Warframe,” with a “new graphics rendering engine, dynamic real-time lighting, and smaller footprint.” You can play for free, as usual, with the option to pick up a number of bundles ranging in price from $4.99 for the Deimos Neophyte Supporter Pack to the Nezha Prime Access – Divine Spears Pack for $139.99.

Also, from now until Dec. 24, you can get a free bundle of Unreal Tournament-themed weapon skins, including the Dragoon Flak Cannon, Ogris Rocket Launcher, and Stahlta Shock, along with Critical Chance mods and a seven-day Affinity Booster. If you download the bundle from Dec. 11-14, you’ll receive Double Credit Bonuses. Digital Extremes said it plans to make the bundle available on all platforms in the future.


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