There’s a new operation live today for PC Warframe players (console update coming soon) that will have you packing your thermal ninja-suits for a trip to Venus. Once there, you’ll investigate the Thermia fractures that are popping up in the ice and solve “the mystery lurking below the surface” in the appropriately named Buried Debts.

Aiding you on your quest is a new Warframe, the Hildryn, which uses her shields to power her abilities but can steal shield charge from enemies to refill her own. She can send out charged bolts of balefire or share her shields with her allies, and also hover over the ground, lifting and damaging enemies in her wake.

Buried Debts also implements Phase 1 of the melee revamp, which makes switching between melee and firearm modes much smoother, and your ninja-osity is cranked up with the ability to resume melee combos even if they’re interrupted by another action.

Most importantly, fans of the Ephemera Warframe can now customize their footsteps to leave fire, electricity, ice, grass, flowers, or mist in their wake. After all, what’s the point of being a space ninja if you can’t look cool while doing it?

Learn more about Buried Debts on the Warframe website.

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