When your newest enemy is described as “a hulking mass of infestation ready to assimilate all that stands in its path,” you’d better be prepared for the worst. That’s what awaits Warframe players in the Jordas Precept update, available now for PC players.

Fortunately, players have a new weapon at their disposal, the “earth-bending” Atlas warframe, which can unleash explosive punches and stone elementals to pummel foes into dust. Who needs weapons? Other warframes, apparently, who get the twin-laser weapon Convectrix and the Kaszas, a scythe for Archwing warframes, among other deadly implements of death-dealing death.

There’s also a new quest, the titular Jordas Precept, new game modes, Archwing Defense and Archwing Mobile Defense, new spy missions on Uranus, and a whole lot more. Get all the info on the Warframe site.

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  1. Grind so you can grind so you can grind more, so you can grind more weapons to grind more and then grind even more. Want to grind more? Get a new warframe and GRIND SOME MORE.


  2. Great game but archwing and raid suck, should be removed for good! And there is nothing to do for endgamers, no endgame content, game is too easy also need void 10 atleast, can solo anything and leveling is too fast, so many max rank 5 wave , noobs and epic pussies who cant handle longer runs all the time crying in team about exit, faking noobs, welcome to my huge blacklist .

  3. Atlas is pretty good. He seems to have decent stats (haven’t got him modded and maxed yet), and he has decent abilities. Plus, the ability to summon 2 rock elementals to help you in battle doesn’t hurt.

    • Doesn`t hurt? its awesome, my rumblers (or as i like to call them, The Stone Bros) Have 1,050 armor, 17,400 health, and deal 650 damage each hit (500 on rock throw) and thier explosion damage does 1,700 blast damage, very effective at low-mid level, stuns or staggers enemies at high. Your saying that atlas is OK, when honestly, he is a very good tank (450 base armor and immune to knockdowns) He helps out the team (Tectonics for instant cover, Petrify to freeze crowds, and Rumblers to help take out enemies) and has a FALCON PUNCH as his damage dealing ability, he is very tanky with very good supportive abilities, hes a beast, not “pretty good”


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