Yet another update is on the way for Digital Extremes’ Warframe. Titled “Old Blood”, the update is scheduled to arrive on PC “soon,” bringing the Kuva Lich to the game a bit earlier than expected. The new enemy was first revealed at TennoCon earlier this year and will give players plenty of trouble in the Origin system.

Also being introduced in the new update will be the game’s 42nd Warframe: the ever-hungry Grendel, who swallows his enemies whole and then regurgitates them later. For players to acquire the new Warframe, they’ll either need to obtain the parts in-game or through the Marketplace. Both options are also good as the parts are sold singly or as a bundle in the shop.

Of course, the update also includes various changes, including ones to melee and reworks of both Ember and Vauban that give the Warframes new abilities. Vauban gets explosive new toys while Ember is given a new Immolation gauge that allows her to cast specific abilities when it’s full.

As always, more details on each of these features can be found on the Warframe site.

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