Digital Extremes has just pushed Update 14: The Mad Cephalon live for Warframe, introducing a host of new features including a brand new 4v4 PvP mode, while also re-imagining Warframe’s user interface and menu. Upon logging in players will now access Warframe’s various activity windows by interacting with devices located on each player’s newly acquired personal ship.

New players will be introduced to their ship through a brand new introductory quest called “Vor’s Prize”, which takes the player through the process of selecting their first Warframe, introducing them to essential gameplay information and culminating in the player’s first encounter with Captain Vor.

Once on-board their ships, players can unlock a quest which gives them access to a Genetic Foundry, used for the breeding of new biological pets like the newly introduced Kubrow. The Kubrow is best described as the galaxy’s version of a Platypus as it’s clearly a mammal which spawns from an egg, which players must collect and incubate inside the Foundry.

Once hatched, a Kubrow can possess different personalities which influence what abilities it possess. As the Kubrow grows, it can be further enhanced by equipping it with powerful mods or by taking its genetic imprint and combining it with another player’s in what amounts to a Pokemon-style breeding technique.

With Update 14, Warframe PvP has been expanded upon with the addition of the new Dark Sectors Conflict game mode. This 4-on-4 game mode represents the largest PvP mode yet and serves as a replacement for the Solar Rail Sabotage mission. During these conflicts, players assume the role of either Attacker or Defender during a multi-staged mission. In terms of balance, at the beginning of each match all players start out at rank 0 and progressively unlock Warframe levels as the match progresses. As a Warframe levels up its power levels increase, re-enabling the frame’s mods, abilities and weapon augmentations over-time.

Like clockwork, Digital Extremes has yet another Warframe ready for Update 14 who brings a whole new bag of tricks to the battlefield. Named Mirage, this prismatic frame is a master of confusion capable of spawning illusionary copies, booby-trapping nearby inanimate objects with explosive results, and throwing out a prismatic disco-ball of energy which emits a barrage of burning laser beams before a second activation detonates the orb, blinding nearby enemies.

More details regarding Update 14 can be found on the official site here.

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  1. It was fun at first, I played it since close beta but stopped when the game officially launched..

    It gets boring after a while and also too many restrictions and overpriced crap…

    I hope PWE buys Warframe soon

    • Maybe you’re just one of those impatient person who cannot see the beauty in a game because the game is all about grinding? If so, you should have never tried it out in the first place. Restrictions? What are you talking about? Warframe slots? You can get those without using irl money yourself. I have absolutely no idea what you’re trying to say here.

    • u are just a lazy noob, game is super easy and i have tonns of cash and platinum and stuff without spending real cash, ia have 99% of weapons and all warframes, without any difficulties, piece of cake

  2. Interesting. Warframe has an extremely short life being a PvE only game, so hopefully they put more of a focus on PvP. They definitely have the systems for it to be great.

    May have to check it out again and try out the new PVP mode.

    • Lol I have been playing this PvE for over a year so speak for yourself, there are too many PvP third person shooters and not enough PvE.

      • pvp suck balls, good its dead in this great game because of perfect pve, go and play brainless cs and other crap clones

  3. If you’re coming back specifically to play the content from the tutorial/new content you might want to wait a while. The quests are incredibly buggy at the moment. Wait for a few hotfixes and patches until you start. I’ve only done maybe 4-5 quests and reached a bugged one. I don’t even think I’m half way through the entire new user experience tutorials unfortunately.

    Seems like they’re going more and more for “flashy” UI rather than functional unfortunately… The new planet menus are cumbersome and slow. The rest work but still don’t feel as easy to use as the old ones. Aside from that gameplay (not sure if they’ve made any changes) feels much smoother. The running and parkour feel like they blend into each other much better so I’m loving that.

  4. This is what I’m talking about! I’ve played Warframe on both the PC and the PS4 and I cannot express how excited I am for this update! It’s the beginning of something really cool in Warframe. I’ve been playing since the game was in OB and I can tell you that the addition of player ships, Pets, and a cleaner fresher UI is what the game has needed! Now we just need to wait for the quest system and the games storyline will finally make more sense. Time to fire this bad boy up again. Space Ninjas kick ass!

    • The UI is nearly entirely a downgrade when it comes to functionality. Sure it’s flashy, and will wow some new players, but it’s not nearly intuitive/informative as the old UI.

      The player ships are pretty pointless.

      I would love for them to do what CCP did with Eve when they decided to make some garbage “immersive” UI (walking in stations): let us the players have hte choice to use the old UI or the new UI.

      Pets seem kind cool or whatever, can’t really say much the one I made is still a puppy so mostly the only thing I could comment on is the terrible UI used to interact with him and the animations (which are pretty cool).

      • This x99999.
        Game wasted money and time in the wrong direction. Ship battles and planet open world would be better. Quests are going ti be 2 second sound bytes. Farm zone. Reach end. Watch more small blips. Its core is repetitive grind. Instanced story filled epicness is at dragons nest. Not warframe. Good 3rd person shooter is at defiance. Not warframe.

        • Warframe is great, but defiance is way better. Only flaw with defirance is the graphics, and animation. not so hot , but decent. play both games though, both are great.

          • Don’t forget Defiance’s lack of content,7 hour campaign,persistent bugs since alpha,and poor customer service.At least DE actually fixes bugs in Warframe.And Warframe has more content with more being added all the time.

        • This x99999.
          I wasted money and time performing fellatio on overweight men. Anal beads and hard fondling would be better. Fellatio are going ti be 2 second long. Farm animals. Reach inside. Watch more small dongs from overweight men. Its core is repetitive fellatio. Instanced fellatio filled epicness is at truck stops. Not mcdonalds. Good 3rd person fellatio is at any porn site. Not mcdonalds.

  5. What about the pvp though. Is it super unbalanced? if not i definitely wanna start playing warframe. someone give me some input if they get the chance to try it.

    • It won’t be until we can deploy solar rails again, which should be soon.

      Don’t play this game for the PvP. Even if the mode turns out to be good and balanced (which I doubt), you’ll be playing co-op/solo the majority of your time anyways to obtain new warframes/weapons, etc.

      I know people will say PvP is your end-game in some games where content is lacking, but considering the focus of this game is co-op and that they constantly are adding new weapons and warframes, the balance will be very hard to maintain, and will NOT be ideal for competitive PvP.

      • You serious, theres a ton of mobas out w/ an insane amount of characters w/ different and somewhat similar abilities.

        • You realize there is a drastic difference between warframe and MOBA’s? MOBA’s are designed ENTIRELY around PvP, so obviously they are going to be balanced for it. Warframe was designed with absolutely no PvP, and because of that the weapons aren’t balanced. You have some weapons that will absolutely obliterate others in ANY situation, because they were designed to be “early” weapons, and there is definitely a curve.


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