Warframe’s biggest update of 2016 hits the PC servers today. This update comes with the long awaited continuation to last December’s cinematic quest, The Second Dream, which introduced several new mission, planets, and — of course — the story-driven cinematics players love so much.

Included in the new update are a new cinematic quest, enemies, weapons, customizations, and a new mission type. The cinematic quest tasks players with exploring the Queen’s fortress and uncovering the secrets of an empire. There players will meet the Kuva Guardians, an elite sect of the Queen’s army.

Luckly, you’ll be able to use three powerful new weapons to take on these new enemies. These are:

  • Twin Rogga – Dual pistols capable of assassinating targets from a distance as well as in close combat.
  • Zarr – Akin to a sci-fi musket, this is a heavy-hitting weapon that packs enough power to kill multiple enemies, or even larger enemies, at point-blank range with a single shot.
  • Kesheg – A shimmering, ornate melee staff that is extremely dangerous up close.

More information on the update is available on the Warframe site.

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  1. PHanda on November 11, 2016

    ”Warframe’s biggest update of 2016”

    You kidding me?
    This update is joke. Few new enemies, few weapons, accessories for platinum and quest which takes to finish max 1 hour. And this counts as big update, still do end-game . Same boring warframe, people will grind till another crappy update.

    Good that i sold my account with 923 hours

    • volfie on November 11, 2016

      LOL dude ur dummm.. and retarded read about update bifore say enything! and ur 923hours is surly secunds to when ur braine got air ……

      • JustSaying on November 12, 2016

        dumb* before* saying* anything* surely* seconds* brain*
        If you’re gonna insult someone, at least do it right..

      • .MiyaGi on November 12, 2016

        How old are you, 11?
        Learn to write boy

      • Whta? on November 13, 2016

        that made no sense at all

    • thsscapi on November 13, 2016

      “Included in the new update…”
      You might want to check the actual update before commenting. This is, in fact, the biggest update due to the lore progression and (re)introduction of endless fissures. It may not be the best update, but it is still a large update that everyone has been waiting for (obviously yourself not included, it seems).

      • Dante130666 on November 14, 2016

        Dont bother explaining to him. There are people like trols and other ignorant fools that u can spend hours reasoning with them , but in return they’ll just make u mad and will have some fun by messing with u ;p

    • Dante130666 on November 14, 2016

      we wont miss u bye ;p