In case you missed it, World of Tanks jacked up its in-game physics in Update 9.14 this week, bringing even more realistic tank-smashing action to gamers. The team posted a dev diary video today, explaining the process and what kind of things they looked to improve.

The team shot video of actual tanks in action to get an idea for exactly how they moved and translated some of those fine nuances into the game. As you might expect, sometimes perfect realism conflicts with what’s good for the game, and the new engine often made for a less enjoyable experience with community focus groups.

After a lot of iterations, the team finally struck a balance between realism and good gameplay. Instead of having to adjust every tank manually — with 1,650 combinations of suspension and engines — they developed a new system that would check and adjust vehicles’ specifications automatically.

The new physics were intended for the Rubicon update last October, which Wargaming admits was a mistake. The patch was ironically semi-cancelled so the team could work on the physics more and get things in much better shape. With added time, and more feedback from players, the physics is greatly improved and should help create more dynamic and engaging tank battles.

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  1. Forgot to add drama: So I posted a replay I recorded of people hacking a mountain wall (hover flying on side to avoid getting hit). I get a perma Forum ban. Reason: This could entice others to hack”… … So don’t fix it… Just ignore it…
    I send ticket and reply: “We find you in the right. You should not be banned. However we have no control over the forums. Please try contacting the moderator. Since you are banned consider asking a friend that plays WoT to send it”. So they have pisspoor communication between services. And passively suggesting I make new account (to add to their “registered gamer” list). Id never ask a friend to risk getting ban for that. So yeah… Nad product. Bad service.

  2. They are such idiots. I play actively this month after quitting for a few years since 8.0 ruined the game. Although in a bit better shape. The game suffers. Still bad is: unbalanced countries / tank types. Few maps per tier rank up. Mass grind at tier 4 onwards, making you play SPECIFIC op tanks for better winning odds making already repetitive matches more repetitve in tank choice knowinging every match= same heavy, medium, light etc..
    Countries act as “classes”: germany sniper, ru and jp brawler. Us terrain. UK hill fighter. FR run n gun. Etc. The pros even say tree is messed up: “heavy in medium tree and vice versa”. There is p2w with faster reload perks and overall better tanks. The company needs more destructable terrain. Better match making. And entire rehaul. I used to be top 3 every match post 8.0 bottom 3. New 9.0 total mix: rofl stomp under 2 min. Or balanced nail biting down to last men. Or we do the roflstomping. No consistancy but over all favoring cash groups at peak game times.


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