World of Tanks Christmas

Unlocking new stuff in games can be a grind, so it’s nice to see a few game companies be in generous moods this holiday season, as both Wargaming and Obsidian Entertainment are doing with their tank-battling titles.

From now until Jan. 15, you can log into World of Tanks to get a free 43 M. Toldi III Tier 3 German light tank and take part in the smartly named “Czech This Out” missions to earn some of the new Czech medium tanks and female crew members. While you’re at it, you can also put 99 cents toward a “Secret Santa” gift and receive the same in return to help spread the holiday cheer.

Not to be outdone, Obsidian Entertainment is gifting players with a free legendary Type 59 Main Battle Tank for logging into Armored Warfare from now until Jan. 3, as well as in-game reputation boosts and various discounts during that period. Update 0.12 has also hit the servers, adding a camouflage system overhaul, a new tank destroyer ability, player statistics sharing, and more.



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