Want some anime in your World of Warships? Strange as it sounds, that’s what World of Warships players will be getting in the near future, when specially designed ships inspired by the anime and manga Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- come to the game.

This flashy fleet will be available via a series of as-yet-unannounced in-game missions, which will grant players access to a Kongo-class battleship, with its own unique commander and port inspired by the anime. If you don’t like the colorful detailing — or feel like it makes you too much of a target — you can turn it off.

It seems like an odd mix, but fits in line with Wargaming’s efforts to link their military games to other media properties, as was done with last year’s Fury movie and World of Tanks. Now, if only they could have dressed up something in World of Warplanes to look like an X-Wing or TIE Fighter…

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