Wargaming Victor Kislyi

Wargaming already has a connection with one British game creator that specializes in war-based titles — and another might be on the horizon.

A Wargaming blog has a translation of an interview between Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi and Belarussian web portal Onliner. There are a number of questions regarding Wargaming’s financial situation, especially in light of it recently closing its London office. If you want to waste the better part of an afternoon, search around the internet for all the theories regarding WG’s overall financial health and the secrecy surrounding it.

Near the end of the interview, Kislyi is asked “What’s next?” Unlike what usually happens when game company personnel are asked that question, he actually gives some answers. Being the CEO has its perks, such as not worrying that you’re going to reveal something that your boss didn’t want you to reveal.

First, he mentions “tactical action game” Caliber. You can visit the game’s Russian website, but there’s nothing to indicate that the game will be making its way out of Eastern Europe. If it does, and it’s free-to-play (the Russian version is), we’ll let you know.

As for other future projects, Kislyi also had this to say:

“We’re also planning to announce cooperation with a big British company soon.”

Now that could be interesting. If it’s a British company, one would assume it would at least involve a game for a European, and possibly American, audience.

As to what that company could be — I think there’s one obvious candidate. Wargaming already has a partnership with UK-based Creative Assembly to publish Total War: Arena, and CA makes Total War: Warhammer (and soon, Total War: Warhammer II), so …

Games Workshop? World of Warhammer … tanks?

That’s pure speculation on our part, but what other “big British company” would be a natural fit to partner with Wargaming? We could absolutely see an online, match-based Warhammer game — 40K if it follows the World of Tanks mold, Fantasy if it plays more like Total War: Arena. Games Workshop has never been shy about farming out its IP to various developers, so this is one we could definitely see coming.

Let the WAAAAAAAGH-aming hype train begin!


  1. Warhammer doesn’t have enough vehicles per faction to make a proper tank-based game. It would also feel very unnatural for a WH40K to have no infantry. A game in that universe can be about either combined arms or infantry only.


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