When you play World of Tanks, you’re probably not thinking about storylines. After all, you have German and American tanks fighting side by side, which wouldn’t have seen on the WWII battlefield. The vehicles themselves may be historically accurate, but their circumstances definitely aren’t.

If you do want to learn a bit more about the battles these steel behemoths engaged in, there are plenty of resources to do so. The most recent comes to us from YouTube’s Extra Credits crew, which, in association with Wargaming, is producing a special series of its Extra History episodes about the Battle of Kursk, the largest tank battle in WWII history.

The first video is merely a set-up to the main event, detailing the German attack on Soviet Russia in 1941 and 1942, though there’s still plenty of action to tide you over until next week. The Extra Credits crew has even produced an additional video to explain why they won’t be using Nazi symbolism — mostly the swastika — in these videos.

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  1. i hate those kinda clips … they are many times not 100 % true and skip alot of facts .. they are presented like some great adventure ..
    im form Poland … my grand and grand grand where in the war .. the pain the horror of it .. that s why it bother me even more …. when those kinda clips advertising WW2 .. and bend the history in their on favor .

    • These are meant as short, educational videos to give you a shortened version of the historical events, just the basics.

      That sadly means you don’t get the details, but of course, there’s thousands of books written about that.


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