WH40K Eternal Crusade Space Marines

The free-to-WAAAAGH! version of Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is now live to all players. As we reported previously, this new F2P mode opens all factions and game modes to free players, with decreased XP that can be unlocked by buying the regular, full-priced, version of the game.

Paying players receive a few benefits, as well. These include 20,000 RTC (a $20 value) a giftable and tradable Steam version of the game, and four faction DLCs if you buy the Imperium Edition. You can check out details of this new offering on the game’s Steam page or the FAQ on its site.


  1. This game looks like it was made in 2000 or something. It’s decades behind modern day game play and graphics. Mind as well play Planetside 2.

  2. Not p2w, its also not advertised as full free to play. Its advertised as free to play with premium options. As it free to try. And its a 1 time payment. Also ping isnt bad at all unless you are oceanic/Australian player.
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  3. This game could be fun, but the horrible optimalization and the high ping makes it unplayable. Buy Space Marine instead.

  4. Too late, fake free to play, with locked content, to save this game they should not scame people with fake free to play game plus pay to win stuff, pvp is pay to play like i know, amother candidate to go down soon, tonns of exactly same scammers are down now, another one.Game have neverending bugs clunky controls even for true f2p game is bad.

  5. There is some fun to be had in Eternal Crusade if you’re a WH40K fan AND if your rig can handle it. Make no mistake though, this game has a good number of flaws and is still very much infunished. The nicest thing I can say about Eternal Crusade is that it’s a working platform for future content updates with WH40K athmosphere done right. The problem is that it won’t have a chance to get more updates unless it gets more players fast, hence F2P transition.


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