Warhaven Pre-Season 2 To Introduce New Feline Soldier, One With VERY Sharp Claws

A new 12v12 deathmatch is on its way too.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Warhaven Claw

Warhaven’s next update, pre-season 2, is scheduled to drop on December 13. When it does, it will introduce a new soldier as well as a new mode – a 12v12 deathmatch. There will also be new relics and general improvements for players to look forward to in the PvP game.

The new Soldier, Claw, is a bit different from those that have come along before. For one thing, he’s an anthropomorphic leopard. For another, his skills have a bit of randomness to them. His skill usage results in buffs that will dictate how players should play when they’re up. This means players will have to adjust what they’re doing as they go along.

Combo-ing Claw’s skills allow for him to launch into the air and execute an aerial slash that activates mid-air combo attacks. These attacks can then be combined into other attacks and abilities.

As mentioned, the update also includes new relics or at least a specific relic. The Barricade relic can be used to hinder enemy movement. It costs one relic stone to summon and will be immediately active. This relic can be summoned in the same way as Squad Scarecrows, so players are encouraged to use them strategically.

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