Call of Duty’s Season Four Content launched this week, bringing new content for all of the game’s various incarnations, including a new Zombies experience. On the Warzone front — because that’s the part that’s F2P — a new objective mode, a classic map, and more have been added. Of course there are new weapons. It wouldn’t be a shooter without it. So, Warzone players can now obtain the OTs9: SMG and a mace for when you just really wanna take a swing at somebody. The former is available at launch, but you’re gonna have to do the season content to get the mace.

A new operator, “The Weaver” is available as well. This NATO Operator is available in Warzone as part of the Tracer Pack: Weaver Operator Bundle in the game’s store later this season.

Of course, not everything in Season Four is something you have to purchase. There is actually free content. In this case, its the first objective-based game mode: Payload. This is a fairly large mode, with two teams of 20 competing against each other to either transport satellite parts to their destination or stop those parts from getting where they’re going. As with most payload modes, if the team transporting the items gets it there within the time limit, they win. But, of course, they’ll have to get past the other team who are able to not just attack them, but throw obstacles in their way.

Another thing for Warzone players to enjoy is the Blueprint Blitz event. Somewhat like Double XP weekends, Blueprint Blitz events will auto-spawn Contraband Contracts after two regular Contracts have been completed. These award players with permanent weapon blueprints, provided you’re able to get it out of the DZ. This means that players have an opportunity to get their hands on blueprints from previous seasons and add to their arsenal.

Other additions in this update include the new Killstreak: Sentry Gun and gifting.

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