Weapons Of Mythology Closed Beta Extended Indefinitely

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A bit of good news for Weapons of Mythology Closed Beta testers landed today. As of this moment, the closed beta has been extended -- and will run directly into open beta when it hits around the end of November. This also means that the game is available to download on Steam as well.

In celebration of this news, IDC has created a short list of things that have been done to enhance the game so far. This includes new PvP content, a new XP level cap of 40, and more.

Of course, the level increase also means new dungeons and modes specifically for the max level characters. There are also new guild features, a new daily activity system, and a new group finder.

Full details on the Beta process and new additions can be found on the Weapons of Mythology site.

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nicholcm 7 years ago
Curious, if you check it on steam, you need to buy the game (or presumably, some form of founders pack. On their site however, you can download for free.

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waytoold 7 years ago
Graphics look dated.

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