Webzen, publisher of C9, has inked a deal with Polygon Games to bring the Asian culture inspired MMORPG, ASTA, to Western markets. While no release date or window has been revealed yet, ASTA is currently billed as being available “later this year.”

From the press release:

ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds is a lively MMORPG featuring a rich world inspired by Asian culture, and offers a unique element of Asian fantasy along with vibrantly colored graphics. ASTA will offer players a variety of options for races, classes and characters, along with classic MMO features like PVP battlegrounds and guild battles, a broad crafting system, scenarios and quests with rich lore, a player-driven economy and rewarding dungeons.

Richard Sunmyoung Moon, Head of Global Business at WEBZEN, states: “We are very pleased to bring this new game to MMO enthusiasts in the West through our portal. Having years of service experience with free-to-play MMO games, we will work along with the developer to continuously localize and develop the game for the Western market.”

Until we receive some “official video,” here’s the GSTAR 2012 trailer courtesy of YouTuber PlayScopeAsia. You can get a look at some gameplay late in the trailer

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  1. Wonder if it will be like archlord make it a year then close # Mylastt #Archlord #RIP See you in Asta. PS: My ts will be up for those who are playing Asta See you IG Nov 3 😀

  2. Let’s see what this games key-features will be, this tiny gameplay video doesn’t give me anything to work with, it looks just generic as heck.

  3. Standard mmo with decent enough graphics and animations. Nothing especially good to make it stand out over all the others.

    Every mmo formula is: go out and kill everything that moves and get a crappy reward for a false sense of achievement.


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